The film that will make you fall in love with Africa

As you read this, you’re probably taking a break from buzzing messages of a ‘ruracio’ or wedding fundraising WhatsApp group that you are a in.

Looked differently, you might also be your big family chairman or the organizing secretary, who keeps all and sundry in your close knit unit briefed and engaged on various family developments.

All these family get togethers as well as community events point to the different colours that tell our story of culture, and family life as Africans.

As local content assumes an even bigger role in the entertainment industry across Africa, artists are stepping into the scene, providing unending supply of new, fresh and engaging films.

Take the Multichoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy’s class of 2020 for instance.

The team has hit the road running, living up to the entertainment giant’s dream of showcasing Africa’s diversity and rich culture through storytelling.

In their film, Colours of Africa, which was part of the students’ project in their 18-month training, shows the professionalism and growth of the learners, most of who lacked prior experience in the film industry.

Colours of Africa film series, which is showing on online subscription video on demand service, Showmax, consists of 16 short films from the thirteen African countries that were part of the talent factory.

The episodes range between nine and 11 minutes all telling various African stories under the theme, “Connecting generations through storytelling.”

‘Ruracio,’ a Kikuyu word meaning dowry payment ceremony is one of the series from Kenya, telling a compelling story about the impact of social media and how modernity has caused estrangement in families at times seeing relatives grow up never knowing one another.

In this episode, the dilemma comes into display when one family realizes that their groom and bride are actually cousins.

African culture qualifies this scenario as a taboo and therefore elders have a job at hand to find ways on how to cleanse the parties.

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Enter ‘Engaito’ from neighboring Uganda. This is a short film couched in drama and humor and you will enjoy watching it as it tells a story of how change, which is certain just as night follows day, is inevitable.

This ten-minute short film tells the story of the change from people walking barefoot to people wearing shoes and this generational change brought about by a boy who was thought of being a demon for wearing shoes.

The Tanzanian film ‘Johari’ on the other hand shows how the society can embrace both modernity and culture without them losing the other but rather complementing each other.

It is a feel good type of film with good music to keep you entertained throughout.

The Colours of Africa film series is basically Africa wrapped in one and it’s beautiful to see each story unravel and an evidence that MTF is churning fresh talent into the entertainment industry.

Vetting and consideration for applicants for the MTF class of 2022 are underway.

The program seeks to give aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to gain theory and hands-on experience in television and film industry.

The East African MTF director Njoki Muhoho says, “Usually we take students who are eager to learn, have passion for film and are ready to continue to build Africa’s film and creative industries. They can have little to no experience but have undying love for locally produced films.”

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