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Subsidy lessons from James Osogo, the last of Kenyatta-era cabinet ministers

The Abanyala are mourning the death of Orada, Sirinda Bukwe, Sikalausi James Nakhwanga Osogo (the Guardian of the South, the tempest of the lake), the last living Kenyatta-era minister, who died last week. In Kenya’s Capital, the Abanyala may not be distinguishable from the many sub groups that make up the Luhya community, but we often punch above our weight. Under Mr Osogo’s stewardship, streets in Nairobi took the names of our villages, including Hakati road in the Central Business District, Bunyala Road and Busia Road in Nairobi West, Rugunga Close in South C, John Osogo Road in Dandora, Wang’apala Road in Woodley, Ndekwe Road…

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Return of folk tales from Greek people of long ago

There is a master of the written word who follows no rules and takes no prisoners. He wears his skin as only a South Sudanese would and there is a fire in his eyes that even age cannot vicariate it smothering ember. I first met Taban Lo Liyong on the shelves of Kabarak High School library and soon I was rummaging through the aisles of shelves for anything with his name on it. When I found them, I hid the works in sections reserved for science books so I could go back and read them between classes. I didn’t understand him mostly, but I felt...

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