Is your man dating a mistress? Here’s how to tell

If you have a reason to believe that your husband is dating a mistress, commonly referred as mpango wa kando in Kenya, most certainly you are seized of his secret sexts and intimate photos. The weird detours he makes on his way home or his money that never seems to be of value to your household could also be adding weight your believe.

When a couple finds itself in this slippery path to infidelity, it can be a little hard to fathom what happens next.  That be as it may, you can easily tell where your man’s feelings are, and even more notably, where his heart feels home. Here are the tips:

His grooming, dressing changes suddenly

When a man is wooing a woman into his life, he becomes very keen on his looks and this is one of the prime signs. Check if he goes for a new cologne, becomes a gym enthusiast, adopts new hair style or starts dressing to impress more often. If this is the case, he may be spending good time in the arms of his mistress. This isn’t a sign that he is in love yet, but it could mean that he’s on his way out of your life.

He relishes being a couple

For a man, even if he is still with his wife, he will start acting couple with his mistress if he is truly in love with her. All the things that he would normally do with his wife… he swaps his wife for the mistress during road trips, parties and drink ups with friends and all that.

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He gives wife’s key events wide berth

When a man’s eye for love is on you, all else fades into nothingness. Your man would, therefore, cancel engagements with colleagues, or coffee with friends just to spend quality time with his wife or girlfriend. A man can’t cancel things for a woman he doesn’t have feelings for! So, if your man cancels your events (wife), you have been swapped with his mistress.

He mentions divorce or separation

This is nuclear. It is the biggest signal that your union is on the rocks and his love with someone else is blossoming. If your man talks about returning your wedding ring, or the custody of your kids and such other issues that clearly point that the relationship could be over, then he’s in love with the mistress if he has one. If he talks about this with you and you are his mistress, it implies that he’s trying to see if you share his feelings.

His office colleague becomes his BFF

If he’s dedicating a little more time with an office colleague, it could imply that he relishes her new company, or it could be that he is trying everything to be more than just friends with her. If he’s always at work with her colleague, and that promotion is never coming, there’s a chance that he has a side piece. If he is always on call or texting her, involves her in activities and has a different level of joy and excitement around her, there’s a chance that it could be more than just sex.

He gets to know her as a person

For a man to love his mistress, he has to know her as a person. Without that, he can only love her looks, but he won’t truly love his mistress. There is a big difference between desire or a woman fulfilling certain needs in the bedroom and having genuine feelings. If he starts to learn about her as a person, there’s a chance he’s on his way to a major case of the feels.

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One could learn how their better halves is managing the hot topic of mistresses among other issues and why they are willing to risk everything in order to save their marriage.

At the end of the session, the two couples enjoy their dinner together while sharing their observations about each other.

Can you test the strength of your relationship over a meal? Get the tips on HONEY (DStv channel 173) for answers to that question.

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