Jubilee Insurance launches health telematics to influence health habits

Jubilee Health Insurance has launched health telematics to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle among its customers and the wider community. Dubbed, “Do Anything For The Steps” campaign, the health telematics will target both existing Jubilee Health customers and non-customer in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

“Do Anything For The Steps” campaign will enable people to proactively take charge of their health by incorporating practical physical activities into their daily routine. The World Health Organization recommends that individuals aged between 18 to 64 years should do at least 150 -300 minutes of physical activity throughout the week.

Time constraints is one of the major obstacles to an active lifestyle. Many people are caught up in the daily demands of work, family and other responsibilities making it hard to allocate time for exercise. For some people, embracing an active lifestyle often seems like a difficult and strenuous task. This perceived difficulty discourages many individuals from engaging in physical activity.

Physical activities

“Do Anything For The Steps” campaign will enable individuals to meet the daily recommended steps set by the World Health Organization. Participants will be required to identify and consistently engage in physical activities that keep them active.
While speaking during the launch, Jubilee Insurance Group Chief Operating Officer Juan Cazcarra noted that embracing physical activity does not require complicated work out plans.

“Our company is committed to enabling our customers to access both preventative and curative care. “Do Anything For The Steps” will demystify physical activity while making movement a natural and enjoyable part of everyday life,” said Juan Cazcarra.

To join in, non-Jubilee Health customers will be required to purchase J-Care Medical Cover from the company’s website. The company will then deliver a free smart watch to allow enrolled individuals to participate in the campaign. Additionally, individuals will be required to download the Maisha Fiti App to set their daily targets and join the wellness community.

Individuals who continuously hit their targets will receive up to 15 per cent cashback on their health premiums. Existing Jubilee Health customers will only be required to download the Maisha Fiti App, link their smartwatches and begin taking their steps.
While speaking during the launch, Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo noted that an active community environment can play a crucial role in the promotion and management of physical activity.

“Communities play a crucial role on individuals’ motivation, behaviour and overall wellbeing. “Do Anything For The Steps” campaign will enable participants to become part of the Maisha Fiti community while allowing them to engage and compete with their family and peers. We believe this campaign will foster a culture of health and well-being by cultivating a sense of community identity and spirit around physical activity,” said Njeri Jomo.

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Fostering healthier population

Promoting physical activity will yield significant benefits in improving overall health outcomes and fostering a healthier and more productive population. The cumulative effect of a community engaged in regular physical activity will result to long-term cost savings for the healthcare system. Additionally, the incorporation of physical activity in our daily lives will mitigate the development and progression of chronic diseases.

While commenting about the campaign, Jubilee Insurance Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Caroline Ndungu noted that incentivizing physical activity will combat the escalating wave of lifestyle-related illnesses.

“It is increasingly evident that individuals and companies must come together to address the growing health crisis. Our company is centred on empowering people to access both preventative and curative care. This campaign will empower individuals to take up physical activities that not only enhance their well-being but also pave the way for healthier and happier communities.

Furthermore, the lower premiums will make health insurance more accessible and affordable,” noted Caroline.
“Do Anything For The Steps” campaign is the first of its kind in the health insurance space across East Africa. The one-year campaign will seek to reduce the prevalence of lifestyle-related illnesses and promote physical and mental health.