China is deploying an army of 100,000 ducks to fight locusts

An army of over one hundred thousand Chinese Ducks is waiting to be deployed to Pakistan to deal with desert locusts that have been plaguing the country.

According to Bloomberg News, each duck is expected to devour at least 200 locusts. Experts say the use of ducks as a biological weapon is a more viable option that will produce remarkable results compared to pesticides.

Swarms of desert locusts have been sweeping through much of Southern Asia to East African countries, Kenya included wreaking havoc & threatening food security wherever they settle.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a small group within an average swarm of locusts can in one day eat as much as 10 elephants or 2500 grown men.  

In addition to being a natural disaster of epic proportions, locusts are also expensive pests. African nations may have to part with nearly $ 128 Million USD to contain the issue.

The locust menace is coming at a time when many of the affected countries are grappling with a variety of other problems coupled with a looming economic recession.

Pakistan’s government is now urging its citizens to take advantage of the situation and eat the locusts by either barbecuing them or using them to make curry. The ducks will take care of the rest.

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