An Uber moment for chartered travel

For a long time taxis were the preserve of the rich and hospital emergencies because of inhibitive costs of hiring one.

Then Uber brought in a new model where taxis could rely on economies of scale to drive volumes and charge a fraction of what it used to cost.

In a feedback loop, they now had more customers and hailing a taxi is no longer about affluence but the cost of convenience, privacy and during coronavirus times, comfort and safety.

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If hailing a taxi was unthinkable, hailing a flying plane was the stuff of dreams, fantasy for kids pointing out to the rumbling in the sky and laying claim to aeroplanes they never imagined of getting into.

But now, the entry of several players, coupled with diversified routes have made taking a flight a fast and efficient way to navigate through the country.

Coupled with the ease of pooling resources together taking exclusive luxury flights like Jambojet’s chartered flight service is no longer out of reach.

Instead of going on that road trip especially if you are short of time, you can hop on to the next flight and pop up in different places even locations that are not served by regular flights.

The next time HR is thinking of a team building session, a budget Jambojet Charter might land them in an exclusive location and pick them up.

This also means that the next time a businessman wants to catch a deal, they do not have to wait for the sticky schedules of scheduled flights and can make quick arrangements for take-off and drop off exactly where they need to be.

The evolution of transport is making it affordable and serving the needs of clients in ways that seemed impossible and out of reach.

Small adjustments to business models are making what was cost inhibitive travel affordable and pushing up demand that makes such disruptions profitable.

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