3 reasons why you should keep a diary

Every year most corporates give their employees a diary and notebook to use in their day to day activities. Most often than not, you find that the employees will give the diaries to their relatives as a souvenir. Three months down the year, the same employee is either late for a meeting or forgot an important task. So the question at hand is, how and why use a diary?

How to use a diary

  • List tasks or activities for the day
  • Priorities the tasks
  • Tick against a completed task
  • Move forward all uncompleted tasks to the next day and repeat the process


 Why use a diary?

  1. Plan: A diary is used to tabulate or even scribble tasks as they come. Using this tool, one can now sit and prioritize tasks from the most important to the least. Most people who do not keep a diary end up trying to submit reports last minute. With a diary you get to plan ahead and stay woke in your tasks.
  2. Focus: Activities/ tasks can only get clearer with a diary. It acts as a silent accountability partner. Since you have the list of priorities which have clear defined deadlines, you will be in a position to focus on what is important and leave out everything else that is a distraction.
  3. Reward: This may look like a long shot but think about it, you have planned and achieved your target. Why not get rewarded? The mere fact that you always deliver on your task sometimes even ahead of the deadline, management will recognize your enthusiastic attitude. Should you ask for a raise and present your business case of timely and accurate delivery of tasks, a salary increase will be in the horizon.

Diarize this day, you are about to become a legend in your workspace!


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