Author: Otiato Opali


Sweeping your front yard to clean Mathare River

As a photojournalist I tend to veer off the path of regular schedules drawn by the search for freezing memories. On this Friday while reporting on some charity work to help a school in Mathare slums, I trailed off, as usual. That morning as I arrived at the school where the organization was making donations, I saw a group of young men in gumboots and overalls ferrying garbage from a valley across. After the day’s work was over at noon, I chose to speak with them. There is an exciting fervor of fear that hangs over the depths of informal settlements. One needs bravado to…

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In Pictures

Return of Maandamano?

After months of relative calm following opposition and the Kenyan government brokering bipartisan talks, Azimio la Umoja is threatening to return back to the street to force the government to walk back on the new tax laws that promise to hit households hard. The new tax laws will raise the cost of fuel, taxes on small businesses, a levy for a government housing scheme and charges on certain imports.

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East kwa ma-beast… Who shat me?

I woke up with that splitting headache; an all too obvious after-effect of having one too many. But that morning-after agony wasn’t the only thing that abruptly cut my sleep; a skunky smell wafting across my room was becoming unbearable. What’s that smell? My house has never had a nice smell on account of the packets of cigarettes I chain-smoke daily. What’s more, G-spot’s litter box had not been emptied for almost two weeks and the odour it heaped onto the cocktail of the repulsive stench was awful, to say the least. Well, I named my pussy cat G-spot but that is beside the point….

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