Africa gets a glimpse of CLOi the robot

It’s right out of a sci-fi movie, a droid of some sorts from a Star Wars movie which cannot yet move around.

LG’s CLOi does everything else, from being a porter robot, which is designed to carry hotel guests luggage to their room and provide check-in and check-out services to a shopping Cart Robot, which features a barcode scanner and serving Robot, which is designed to deliver meals and drinks in restaurants and airport lounges.

The robotics technology at the center of LG’s revolution of smart home appliances was unveiled in Cape Town South Africa after premiering in Las Vegas United States is being marketed as the manager of your smart home.

“As a working woman may have a lot to do, CLOi can learn her habits like her patterns of washing and help her schedule her laundry, recommend a recipe depending on what is in the fridge and even tell what is about to expire and recommend what to eat first,” Jae Ahn AI Brand Promotions team leader said at the Innofest.

The white oval robot is no ‘Samantha’ the sex doll but as it demonstrated in Las Vegas when it supposedly developed stage fright when David VanderWaal, LG’s US marketing chief asked it to do some kitchen chores, CLOi is no pushover you have to ask nicely.

The robot uses ThinQ, an in-house AI software, which it intends to roll out across various products to make them easier to use and capable of “evolving” to meet customers’ needs.

LG is moving away from interacting with each device and lets CLOi coordinate all the appliances in the smartphone. “It will not be used in homes alone, we are targeting the automotive industry, hotels, airports and shopping malls”.

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