Moses Kuria – Jubilee Government has cooked budget books for seven years

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has sensationally attacked the national government for cooking books and using parliament to lie to Kenyans.

The legislator, who sits in the budget committee, which is tasked with budget making and oversight, said the economy is now on the rocks due to excessive borrowing sanctioned by the Jubilee government.

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Speaking to Citizen TV, the legislator said he was apologizing to Kenyans for having failed in his responsibility and being part of the legislature that is perpetuating the lie to Kenyans.

“We have failed Kenyans because every year we have sold to Kenyans this romantic story that all is well. Most of us are members of the ruling party and we wanted to respect the executive. It is messy,” Kuria said.

The legislator said parliament has lied to Kenyans and has failed it its oversight responsibility.

“The reason we are in this hole is because as parliament we could have said no, but we said yes. On behalf of parliament and on behalf of the budget committee, I want to offer my unqualified apology,” he said.

This comes at a time when the country is chocking in debt and the World Bank has warned that Kenya could struggle to service its debts that are maturing this year. Over 43 percent of the domestic debt, which translates to about Sh1.2trillion, is maturing this year.

“We have failed them by telling Kenyans lies that all is well. We are doing badly as an economy,” Kuria said.

He said parliament’s is an error of omission while the executive has committed the biggest error or commission.
“For seven years, we have cheated this country about even our deficit. We have cooked books. We have cheated people that we do zero based budgeting,” he said.

“ We have taken loans at 9 percent and left multilateral lenders who are offering us at 1 percent and that for me is treason. World Bank has offered loans at 1 percent, but because World Bank, ADB and other multinational lenders have no opportunity for kickbacks, we have refused their money,” he said.

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