StanChart woos Kenyan investors to seize global prospects

Investors in Kenya are poised to tap into a world of global market opportunities that promise enhanced returns for portfolio growth, thanks to a new partnership between Standard Chartered Bank and French-based Amundi Asset Management.

Under Signature CIO Funds, this market offering provides customers with access to an array of international investment prospects that cater to diverse financial objectives.

Paul Njoki, Head of Wealth Management and Affluent Banking at StanChart, said the collaboration with Amundi empowers customers with a selection of four distinct funds tailored to address varying investment needs, spanning from income generation to long-term portfolio growth on a global scale.

StanChart global presence

Leveraging the global presence of StanChart, this partnership opens the gateway for investors to seamlessly explore markets across Asia, China, India, and Japan.

With the potential to manage inflation and navigate volatility, the partnership is set to simplify and expedite the execution of investment decisions.

Nisarg Trevedi, Amundi’s Head of Third Party Distribution – Middle East and Africa, explains the strategic agility of the funds. “We keep changing the allocation depending on the market,” highlighting the dynamic nature of the investment strategy while maintaining the core objectives of each fund.

CIO Signature Funds’ accessibility factor is equally compelling. Investors can enter with US$1000 (Kes145,130) in a lump sum or embark on a monthly investment plan with just US$100 (Kes14,513).

The flexibility extends to redemption, which can be executed at any time without incurring charges via StanChart’s mobile banking app.

According to Mr Njoki, the funds are strategically allocated across global fixed-income investments such as US-denominated investment-grade bonds; global equities, commodities, and hybrid investment instruments. This diversity reflects the commitment to crafting both “conservative and core” portfolios that cater to a wide range of investor needs.

With StanChart’s mobile app, investors can purchase, monitor, and manage their investments. With Amundi’s expertise and $2 trillion in assets under management, combined with StanChart’s trading capabilities, this collaboration creates a powerful synergy that could reshape the investment landscape in Kenya.

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Consistent incomes

Data shows that Kenyans gamble Kes242 million each day, Kes10.1 million per hour, Kes168,333 per minute, demonstrating how gambling has evolved from a recreational hobby to a full-time commercial activity mainly via mobile phones. This is part of the money that Mr Njoki says can be channeled into wealth-generating opportunities such as StanChart’s CIO Signature Funds.

For investors seeking consistent income, the Signature CIO Income Fund stands as an appealing choice. With a primary focus on generating regular income, the fund strategically allocates resources across a diversified global portfolio of income-generating securities. This avenue offers the potential for a reliable stream of income, underscored by an indicative annual yield of 6 percent.

The Kenyan market’s penchant for treasury bills and bonds makes the Signature CIO Income Fund a good offering. “Across the world, people are tending towards incomes on a regular basis,” notes Trevedi, highlighting the alignment of this fund with prevailing global investment trends.

Further, the Signature CIO Conservative Fund dedicates over 50 percent of its allocation to Fixed Income instruments, anchoring itself against market volatility and downturns. With the remaining allocation thoughtfully spread across Equity, Commodities, and Alternatives, the fund maintains a balanced approach to capital growth.

Signature CIO Balanced Fund

As for the Signature CIO Balanced Fund, its allocation strategically targets Equities and Fixed Income, with a slight leaning toward Equities. This allocation strategy is poised to offer better returns while mitigating market drawdowns, appealing to investors seeking a middle ground.

For those with a penchant for aggressive capital growth, the Signature CIO Growth Fund is tailored for them. This fund allocates a higher proportion to Equities while also diversifying into Fixed Income, Commodities, and Alternatives.

In an era of global connectivity and dynamic market conditions, StanChart’s partnership with Amundi brings Kenyan investors closer to a new world of possibilities.

By introducing the Signature CIO Funds through a mobile app experience, StanChart is setting a new standard for accessibility, diversification, and growth potential in the Kenyan investment landscape.

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