Screen time can be both fun and educational for your kids

Welcome to the golden age of TV for children in the world. For days on end, my little three-year-old girl can’t take her eyes off the fun from Disney Junior, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Sofia the First shows.

While stressing the power of communication, friendship and sheer hard work, the pups on PAW Patrol work together to guard Adventure Bay from all adversaries. Which three-year-old kid can possibly resist the cute, crime-fighting pups in Paw Patrol?

These are the most popular TV shows in our household. Her love for the programmes is so intense that during her recent birthday celebration, my wife and I had to decorate our home and her cake with Sofia the First images.

On account of the time she spends watching the cartoons alone, a broken TV is not what you’ll need when you are stuck at home with her and you have a long weekend to keep her busy and entertained especially in this season of Covid-19 curbs were movement is highly checked.

Her elder sister, however, is fast outgrowing the joy of watching Peppa Pig. You see, she turned five years old in February and she’s already in school.

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Together, we read simple story books. And she has learned how to read a few stories by herself and her thirst for new knowledge is growing by the day.

For her, Disney Junior, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol episodes have become too repetitive and this is turning her off.

Let’s face it, letting our children watch their favourite TV shows is often the only way we can rest after a busy day in office or on a weekend at home.

We have, however, come to learn that some TV shows are more developmentally appropriate for preschool children than others. And just as important as the choice of media itself is the role you play as a parent in how your child consumes the content.

Luckily, we found ZooMoo on DStv channel 314. ZooMoo is turning out to be very different to the type of children TV shows that my daughter, 5, has watched before.

The show is about animals and my school-going daughter loves animal stories. What’s more, unlike the traditional kids’ TV shows, ZooMoo makes use of puppetry, rib-cracking animations, balloon animals and real wildlife footage to create a unique programme that helps her learn about animals in a very entertaining way.

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We’ve really enjoyed exploring what ZooMoo menu has to offer.

The show is a collaboration between some of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers and world renowned early childhood educationists to help the toddlers learn about nature in very enjoyable style.

Together they have developed ZooMoo, which engages preschoolers to develop in-depth knowledge, love and affection for animals.

The TV shows are brilliant and fun to watch and we’ve only just scratched the surface. There are hours of fun to be had whilst adding to the children’s knowledge base and developing their growing passion for wildlife.

Your little one will love the adventures of ZooMoo on DStv channel 314 as they explore the wild world.

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