Kenyan celebrity Nameless loses Instagram account to hackers

Social media plays a crucial role connecting people and developing relations and in this day and age, it has become a very profitable business especially to those with a huge fan base.

Most of celebrities, who have huge following from people wanting to monitor their every step, have an advantage of getting corporate invites for brand endorsements and advertising, a move that earns them a lot of money.

This implies that, if any of their accounts are hacked, it is not only hurting for them as they are left in very compromising situations, but also they may suffer irreparable loss.

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On Tuesday, April 13, popular Kenyan musician David Mathenge aka Nameless lost his verified Instagram account to suspected Iraqi hackers.

His wife, Wahu Kagwi, confirmed it on her accounts when she stated that his fans should disregard any posts coming from it and that they are working on resolving the matter.

This event is not new in Kenya as other celebrities have also lost their social media accounts to hackers.

In January 2018, Dj Pierra Makena’s Instagram account was hacked as she claimed it was by a Tanzania hacker, who simply changed the username and started using the account ostensibly to defraud her followers.

The wife to Terrence creative, Milly Chebby, also fell victim to these ruthless hackers after her Instagram account of 60,000 followers was hacked. Fortunately, she managed to retrieve it.

Six years ago, songstress Habida’s Facebook account was hacked and the hacker went ahead to post some X-rated content. She immediately made a smart move of sending an email to media houses to set the record straight, saying that her fans should ignore all the posts and just be patient with her as she resolves the matter.

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This has to be the most heart breaking of them all: KenRazy, who was forced to start from scratch after losing his Instagram account to hackers, faced Sh150,000 upfront payment demand to hackers to get back his account. He opted not to pay.

That is how dangerous things can get on social media. Losing all your work generated in years is an unexplainable pain. A very sad affair. 

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