Ten simple ways to prepare for your Safari like a pro

Safaris can be an ideal way of hugging a busy year goodbye and uncaging your imagination. Bleeding pockets limit our choices of exploring the world but a well-visualized plan creates all the difference. Having basic know-how saves you sleepless nights of a horrible holiday vacation. 

I am a word charmer and I could narrate a dozen of my unfed fantasies but helping you get ready for a proper Safari like a pro feeds my wild thoughts. Before you go on a safari you need to take account of the following: 

  1. Do a detailed research 

Safari vacation has peak seasons, and a dry season is ideal because the visibility is almost guaranteed. Going on a safari when the skies are generous with showers of blessings and the soil baked, guarantees you extra hours of pushing vehicles through the mud in the wild. Research on the weather conditions to expect during your stay at your chosen destination.

2. Pick a destination that suits you

We have all at one time been victims of a wrong choice we made, but the worst nightmare is making a wrong choice on moments you ought to make Merry in. carefully choose a destination that will satisfy all the imaginations you have created in your head. Don’t dream like king lion and wake up to the reality of hyenas. Specify what you want to experience ranging from game parks, wildlife, beaches and let them guide you through the destination of your choice. 

3.come up with a budget 

Hollow pockets are a nightmare no one wants to experience when on safari. Prevention is better than cure, hence its important to make a Budget of the amount of money you want to spend throughout your safari and avoid running out of cash or making impulse purchases.

Heres an example of a top destination where you can have a good time without bleeding your pockets.

4. Come up with a rough idea of the activities you’d like to do when on safari 

Planning for the activities you plan to do makes it easy to beat time and avoid getting bored when on vacation. Visiting new places is fun and having a plan makes it more fun and enjoyable. 

5.Organize for transport accordingly

All believers are hopeful of a smooth road to their chosen heaven and no one needs to witness a bumpy ride on their way. However, an unreliable means of moving around during your safari will weigh you down. Arrange for affordable transport that can pick you from point A to Point B. 

6.Have your itinerary planned right

Too much of anything is poisonous and an overstayed vacation may mean bigger unexpected budgets. Knowing the number of days to be on safari guides you in preparing the budget and picking out the activities to engage in throughout the vacation. 

7. Have your outfit in order, Please!

A bag of regrets is not something you want to carry back home after a Safari. Safaris require simple comfortable wear that is easy to hover around with during activities that you engage in. A beach vacation needs no heavy wear just as a wild safari needs no human skin out there hugging nature. 

Avoid unnecessary overpacking, but pack enough  In case we light up the place and bonfires grace the night. 

Source: Peppercorn resort Naivasha – Book Here

8.Carry a camera 

Memories created are days added on your checklist. Experiences vary depending on the different places you will visit and keeping a record of your experience makes you relive the moments of the trip. Get snaps of the different species of birds, various wild animals and the beautiful sceneries you experience. 

Source: Dove Nest Resort Naivasha – Book Here

9. Prepare a questionnaire 

The brain needs to be fed and the only meal on its recipe is knowledge. Come up with a list of questions you will want to ask about the various places you visit. You can keep a journal on your new discoveries. 

10.Arrange on getting a souvenir 

Curving your name on a bark of a tree in the wild would be the most fulfilling thing one can do and so is getting souvenirs. Have a small budget of keeping physical memories of places you visit by buying artifacts and other accessories. 


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