Jobs: KDF recruitment underway

Starting Tuesday, August 28, to September 8th, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) will recruit roughly 3000 men and women across the country.

KDF says a transformative shift is underway informing its approach to recruitment of new men and women into the nation’s security unit. The unit is fighting an avalanche of accusations on massive corruption and favouritism in their recruitment process.

The conventional biannual recruitment, which previously separated General Service Officers (Cadets) and Servicemen/women, has evolved into a unified approach, as KDF seeks to departure from the past and foster transparency.

Traditionally, Cadet Officers and Servicemen/women underwent distinct recruitment processes, with Cadets subjected to a more concealed method at Kenya Military Academy in Nakuru, while Service personnel were enlisted at district levels. However, a transformative reform in 2021 reshaped the approach, ushering in an era of comprehensive recruitment that transcends divisions.

Previously, Cadet Officers’ recruitment was veiled, marked by uncertainty and a lack of visibility into selection criteria. With this new approach, both Cadet Officers and Service men/women engage in recruitment exercises at district levels, inviting the gaze of cheering squads from their families and friends.

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Requirements for admission are multifaceted, incorporating academic, physical, and health criteria. The age bracket for General Service Officer Cadets and Service men/women is set at 18-26, while specialist officers like doctors and engineers, tradesmen/women, and clergy have varying age limits. Academic qualifications range from an average grade of B+ for Cadet Officers to specified grades for Service personnel, reflecting the diverse roles within KDF.

The Kenya Defense Force recruitment has grown a reputation for open corruption during recruitment locking out deserving service men. The Force under CS Aden Duale has vowed to change the process in a bid to shed off that bad reputation.

The recruitment includes a 5km run to gauge physical fitness, ensuring recruits are prepared for the demanding training ahead. Rigorous physical assessment forms the basis for identifying potential medical issues, ensuring that candidates are resilient enough to withstand the challenges of training. Height and weight standards are established to match the practicalities of using weapons and carrying heavy loads during training.

Character emerges as a paramount criterion, with a clear record essential for those venturing into the defense domain. Tattoo-free and free of birthmarks, recruits are held to a high standard of physical appearance.

Importantly, this comprehensive recruitment is designed for all three wings of KDF, each with distinct selection criteria. As candidates navigate the aptitude tests, recruiting officers offer guidance and advice based on their expertise, directing individuals to the most fitting wing based on their strengths and capabilities.

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