The role of corporates in driving carbon neutrality in Kenya

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Earth is heating up, now 1.1°C warmer than in the late 1800s, and emissions keep going up. To keep global warming at 1.5°C, we must slash emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and hit net zero by 2050. The clock is ticking.

It is high time that everyone is made aware of the looming climate crisis and the critical role we must all play in mitigating it for a safer future for all than the one we have now. Less pollution of any kind, better waste management, protected animal and plant species, increase in employment, better living standards, and improved weather, and climate among other benefits. That is what all the fuss is about. Sustainable tourism, no single-use plastics initiatives, circular economy, and environmental protection among other concepts and initiatives are striving to build a future that takes care of the environment and us.

The threat posed by climate change

As the world confronts the threat posed by climate change, Kenya finds itself at a pivotal moment in its journey toward driving and achieving Carbon neutrality. With its rich biodiversity and vibrant ecosystems, the country is uniquely positioned to lead by example in the global fight against environmental degradation.

It is good to note that the Kenyan government has been at the forefront of climate action, commendably increasing its national commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 30 percent to 32 percent.

This strategic move demonstrates Kenya’s dedication to tackling global warming and promoting environmental sustainability. While this progress is laudable, the combined efforts of government policies and corporate initiatives are crucial to meeting the necessary targets.

Businesses must adopt more sustainable practices

For us to achieve carbon neutrality—a state where net carbon emissions are zero—requires concerted efforts across all sectors of society. Businesses must join this effort by adopting more sustainable practices and innovative solutions to drive deeper emission cuts and create a resilient, green economy.

The recent strides made by my organization in driving carbon neutrality serve as an exemplary model of corporate responsibility. By implementing a comprehensive framework aimed at reducing emissions, supporting clean fuel adoption, and integrating sustainability into our operations, we set a new benchmark for environmental stewardship in Kenya. This proactive approach not only benefits the environment but also enhances the company’s brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Last year, we made a groundbreaking commitment to develop products tailored to the unique risks faced by the E-Mobility segment and its business models. This initiative led to the launch of our Eco-Drive insurance product, which has quickly become the preferred insurance cover for electric vehicles across the country. By focusing on this innovative sector, we will not only be addressing emerging market needs but also significantly contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in Kenya’s transport sector.

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Efforts to drive carbon neutrality in Kenya

In addition, to complement our efforts to drive carbon neutrality in Kenya, we have committed to plant a tree for each insured vehicle. This initiative, aimed at accelerating our journey towards carbon neutrality, supports the government’s directive to increase tree cover and mitigate the impacts of climate change. By doing so, we enhance the environment and promote sustainable communities, further solidifying our role as a leader in environmental stewardship.

In conclusion, the fight against climate change and driving carbon neutrality demands a unified and robust response from all sectors of society, with corporate organizations playing a pivotal role. The Kenyan government’s enhanced commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is commendable, but it must be matched by equally vigorous actions from the corporate sector. By working together, we can drive significant progress towards a greener, more resilient Kenya, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations. The time to act is now, and the responsibility lies with each of us to make a tangible difference.

The opinion writer, Mr. Vijay Srivastava, is the Group CEO of GA Insurance Kenya Ltd

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