Toasting to our culture through food, and music in a town near you

 Toasting to our culture through food, and music in a town near you

Renowned Kalenjin artist Sweet Star gives a treat of music to his fans at the Dream city club in Nakuru during the Kenya Cane GREATS fest event in Nakuru.

The season is here with us for the end-of-year holiday traditions—the Kenyan way.

Across Kenya, we all have and revere our traditions. And like so many important moments in life, these events are shaped and influenced by particular foods, symbolic ingredients, drinks, and plenty of dance and music.

These foods and flavors define how different families and communities celebrate, adding layers of spice to the memories we take from them for years to come.

This year, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) through its flagship Kenya Cane brand has launched a cultural extravaganza dubbed “The Greats Fest”, an initiative that seeks to spice life moments for consumers across Kenya by celebrating their culture through music, food, and heritage.

The first cultural extravaganza went down in Nakuru recently where consumers were treated to a party experience and performances by Kenya Cane brand ambassador Savara, and regional artiste’ Sweet Star. DJ Ricmoh kept revelers on their feet all night long in the Dream City.

“The Greats Fest is a platform to celebrate our culture and motivate the next generation to continue the legacy of excellence displayed through extraordinary Kenyans who are shining in various spaces. It is a reminder that the path to excellence is not a race, but a journey we make together, side by side. Along the way, we celebrate and cherish every victory – no matter how small,” said Kennedy Mutula Marketing Manager, Branded Spirits East Africa.

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The brand recently launched the “Greats Toast Twice” campaign, creating opportunities for consumers to continue celebrating the small wins that bring them closer to their ambitions, hero their achievements and inspire them to continue moving forward.

As part of the campaign, the brand is partnering with Grammy award-winning artist Savara Mudigi and intends to work with more artistes through the cultural extravaganza that will be taking place in various towns across the country.

Since its foundation in 1976, Kenya Cane has had a rich heritage interwoven with the history of the Kenyan nation.

A beverage proudly made in Kenya by Kenyans that has not only embedded itself in many significant memories but also a marker of our experiences. Kenya cane is available in various variants KC Smooth, KC Coconut, KC Pineapple, and KC Citrus Fusion.


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