The last supper

Empire Group, a collaborative student production drawn from University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University and Technical University of Kenya will this April 9, produce an Easter show at the Visa Oshwal in Parklands.

The play, ‘After the last plate of the last meal of the last supper’ brings the gift of hope this Easter in live performances and an exiting learning experience.

With Easter Sunday just days away, there is plenty to learn about the holiday which is celebrated by millions of Christians around the world.

While various churches have unique ways of commemorating the festival, for many, the celebrations extend beyond Easter Sunday and religious festivals go on until the Pentecost Sunday.

For many, however, Easter Holiday is a time for family, remembrance and gifting, as well as feasting. And for the Christians, who gave things up for Lent, 40 days prior to Easter, are able to indulge once more on the night of Holy Thursday, which this year falls on April 6. Call 0770701717 to book @empireartstheatre

Christians around the world will be preparing to celebrate the holiday of Easter which marks when Jesus rose from the dead three days after he was crucified. Photo by Kelly Obaete
In Christian countries, Easter is observed as a public holiday, with schools and places of work closed on the Friday and Monday, creating a long weekend. Photo by Kelly Obaete
The Holy Week starting Palm Sunday is the most sacred seven-day period in the Christian year, where believers recall the events that led up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Photo by Kelly Obaete.
The Holy Week also marks the arrangement of Judas to betray Jesus, on Holy Wednesday - also known as Spy Wednesday - and the Last Supper, which took place on Maundy Thursday. This Thursday also marks the end of Lent. Photo by Kelly Obaete

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