Sanura, the big telenovela premiering Tuesday on Maisha Magic

 Sanura, the big telenovela premiering Tuesday on Maisha Magic

Featuring all of your favorite tropes of love triangles, lustful stares, and passionate embraces, selfishness, shadowy business deals and traditions a new telenovela brings all this dram being navigated by a young woman, Sanura, as she forges her own path.

A new telenovela premieres on your favourite channel this Tuesday. It is big and has energy and talent. It’s arguably the biggest TV show to be unveiled this year looking at the lineup of stars on offer and the riveting story that will glue you to your screens this cold season in Nairobi.  

Sanura follows the journey of a teenager on the cusp of womanhood who must fight the oppressive patriarchy of her culture in a quest to find herself a trailblazing new future.

Set on a rich Swahili cultural heritage Sanura, who is always lonely since she is locked up in solitude, is won by the ruthless fighter Dula as his prize during a wrestling match.

But what will break your heart who she really loves. Sanura is in love with Hatim. Her heart belongs to Hatim yet Dula picks her as the woman he wants to marry after winning the fight. Dula grew up watching his father fight. He was also trained by his father to fight. Fighting to win a girl is perhaps the biggest motivation for any fighter.

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Those who hate him for his hot-temperedness will love him for his courage.   

Her father, Nasoro, has other ideas as he rejects Dula’s request for Sanura’s hand in marriage, but for his own selfish interests – he wants her married off to someone else to settle a long-standing debt.

Nasoro is the father you hate to love. He is a rich and influential businessman on the island. He owns the one and only major filling station and other murky deals. He was a fierce fighter in his youth and a founder and financier of the street fights. Sanura’s dad has a strong affection for his one and only daughter. 

His rejection of Dula’s offer to marry his daughter causes Sanura and Dula to become unlikely allies in a fight against treating women as objects.

Sanura’s mum Riziki raised Sanura to be assertive. This rubbed off on her daughter, who knows from an early age to not be quiet and always fight for her space as a woman. 

It is an emotive and thrilling new telenovela about a young woman caught between preserving ancient tradition and forging her own path.



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