Safaricom offers KamauSpares professional website services

 Safaricom offers KamauSpares professional website services

The most complex technological adoption some small businesses have is to open a Facebook page or share product inventory via WhatsApp status.

For many small businesses selling retail, from boutiques to car spare part dealers, owning a website looked like a pipe dream.

The most technological adoption some of them have dared to do is to open a Facebook page or share product inventory via WhatsApp status.

This little effort has changed the way many small businesses operate especially during the Covid-19 when businesses acquired new clients online and incorporated home deliveries.

Now Safaricom is offering these small businesses the opportunity to scale up and own their own professional websites at very minimal costs and with completely no expertise or need to hire a web developer.

Safaricom Cloud services enable users to create and own a unique business domain address, and business email address and create their own business website with an easy-to-use FREE Website Builder.

“With Safaricom Website and E-mail service, you can change to a professional e-mail address such as info@kamauspares.co.ke and maintain a professional outlook. Build your own website with our easy-to-use website builder for a professional outlook and market your business online with your own website,” Safaricom says on their website.

And the services come at minimal costs from just Kes999 annually for a lite package to Kes6,300 premium package the service is tailored for small businesses at affordable prices.

Safaricom is shifting its business model from just offering voice and M-PESA services to integrating into small businesses to provide solutions to run operations in the back end.

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The telcos want to leverage economies of scale to deliver affordable solutions to the many businesses it supports.

Over the last 13 years, Safaricom Business Unit has provided services to the Kenyan Enterprises with the provision of connectivity solutions, that is, Mobile Voice, Data and SMS, and later, fixed internet and M-PESA.

Safaricom’s M-PESA has grown to serve more than 51 million customers and 465,000 businesses.

The service is provided by 600,000 agents across Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Lesotho, Ghana, and Egypt.

M-PESA processes over 61 million transactions a day, making it Africa’s largest fintech provider, and it has attracted 42,000 external developers to create additional services for the platform.

With this widespread reach, the company has been able to launch expanded services such as Lipa Na M-PESA into Pochi La Biashara, allowing retailers to understand their cash flow, plan inventory and separate their personal finances with their business.

Now Safaricom is helping small businesses expand their reach through new services like the cloud computing web services, helping organizations overcome the challenge of digitizing their operations to meet changing customer needs.

As businesses increasingly go online, they will need a partner like Safaricom to graduate to professional levels and scale-up reach to get more customers.

“To businesses, digitization entails finding ways of increasing efficiencies not only in day-to-day operations but also enhancing the experience of their customers to drive growth,” Safaricom said.

Safaricom Business is working towards being the technology solutions partner of choice for businesses by providing businesses with these tech solutions for instance cloud computing, cyber security, and IoT.



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