Keroche, KRA tax storm roils on

 Keroche, KRA tax storm roils on

Keroche Breweries Ltd Chief Executive Tabitha Karanja.

Just days ago, Keroche Chief Executive Tabitha Karanja and the employees were immersed in fanfare following a High Court ruling that ordered the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and its operatives to reopen the troubled brewer’s manufacturing lines.

However, Ms Karanja’s relief washort-liveded as the taxman was readying an application to move to court on Tuesday, July 19, to challenge the earlier order issued by Mr Justice Alfred Mabeya.

Last week, the High Court issued an order to reopen Keroche Breweries awaiting the hearing and determination of a case filed by the alcohol manufacturing company.

In their case, KRA seeks vacation of Justice Mabeya’s ruling favoring Keroche arguing that the orders issued contravened the mutual agreements between the two parties and previous directives issued by the High Court.

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The Naivasha-based brewer is embroiled in a heated tax dispute with the KRA in which the former is accused of evading taxes running into billions of shillings.

The row, which appears to intensify as days go by, has led to the closure of Keroche’s manufacturing facilities multiple times by the taxman, citing failure by the brewer to honour tax commitments spelled out in the aforementioned mutual agreement.

Thus far, Keroche appears to have the head start after Justice Abigail Mshila rebuffed KRA’s request to have their counter suit labelled as urgent, implying that the company will continue operation as ruled by Justice Mabeya last week.



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