I see symbols, metaphors, and hidden meanings

As my Instagram Bio will tell you, I view life through the lens, that’s my lifestyle, that’s my story, that’s my way of life. Creating and telling beautiful and creative stories through motions and stills is literally how I dream and imagine life. It’s my life bubble. For me, the world is a place of beauty and magic in my eyes and as Adobe describes me, I’m definitely a Dreamer. Where others see facts and figures, I see symbols, metaphors, and hidden meanings.

I pride myself as a creative natural light photographer, emphasis on natural light. Why, you may ask? I have always been fascinated by the beauty of natural light and how it can transform a simple scene into something magical, something authentic and something beautiful.
Natural light allows me to see beauty even in the things that not an ordinary eye would do, and I end up creating magical stories and I could easily consider that my super power, haha.
This journey began six years ago and it’s until recently, in the last 7-8 months, that I actually discovered that the fire that had always been burning in me, the dreams and visions to create beautiful stories and motions was actually not through photography, not how you expected this to go, I know right? It’s until this past few months that I realized photography had just been serving as a path to the bigger picture, which has been filmmaking, especially through reels. Simply telling creative, beautiful and epic stories through short motions as reels whose inspirations come deeply from afro-cinematic music. I’m naturally drawn to express my inner world through literary pursuits, music, and the visual arts. I think of myself as the “magical realist’’.
But this can be a story for another day, and it however doesn’t mean that my love for photography is dying, absolutely not, actually weddings, portraits and details are my forever cup of tea.
One of my favorite things about natural light photography is the ability to capture real, authentic moments. I love to capture people, especially couples in the natural environment, on a warm cloudy day, doing what they love, and simply being themselves. There is something incredibly special about being able to freeze a moment in time and capture it forever.
Over the years, I have developed my own unique style of photography. I like to use soft, natural light to create a dreamy and ethereal look in my photos. I love to incorporate natural elements such as flowers, trees, and water into my images to give them a sense of place and to create a connection between the viewer and the environment.
As I continue on this journey, I am constantly inspired by the world around me. Whether it's a beautiful sunset, a stunning landscape, or a simple moment of human connection.

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