Going to the US? Prepare to pay more for Visa

 Going to the US? Prepare to pay more for Visa

US has increased the cost of some categories of Visa including student and migrant worker permits.

If you’re trying to find a way to go to the United States of America, be it as a student, tourist or temporary worker, you’re going to dig deeper into your pockets to obtain a Visa.

The United States department of State has revised upwards the fees for select visa type fees by a margin of between 7 percent and 53 percent.

The fees for the most popular visas; the tourist and student visas, have increased by a record 15 percent to Kes25,206 from Kes21,800.

The biggest increase, however, is in the fee for treaty trader or investor visa type, which has increased by a record 53 percent to Kes42,934 from Kes27,941. The last time visa fees were revised was in 2014.


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