It will cost more to binge watch Netflix shows starting May 30

It will now cost you more to binge watch your favourite Netflix shows starting May 30.

This comes after the video streaming giant said it will include Value Added Tax in monthly subscription billing going forward.

Netflix subscribers will start parting with KES1,100 ($10.30) from KSH950 ($8.90) for the standard package and KES1,450 ($13.58) from KES1,200 ($11.24) for the premium package.

The price review does not, however, affect subscribers under the basic plan who are currently paying KES700 ($6.56)

A year into the pandemic, online video platforms have become a popular alternative for consumption of programming with their adoption fueled by improved internet access and Covid-19 containment curbs that are driving consumers into e-commerce.

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The Kenya Revenue Authority is slapping a new digital tax on businesses and persons transacting services and goods online.

The new charge targets businesses riding on mobile apps, those selling e-books and films among others as the taxman seeks to raise revenue.

Whereas subscribers might blame the roll out of Kenya’s digital service tax for Netflix’s increase of subscription rates, the company is also increasing prices for its services in the US and the European market.

And as much as subscribers might wish to consider other options such as Showmax and Amazon Prime Video, switching platforms is not as easy as many might believe.

Being a follower of some Netflix originals, switching to Showmax or Amazone Prime Video will mean giving up on the shows and vice versa.

Quite often, streaming platforms lock exclusives so that you have no option but to stick with them.