What’s the right way to have a beer? Asking for a friend

That the alcohol industry in Kenya has over the past few years expanded like crazy, is not news. Booze has become a key driver of the economy with its manufactures controlling sizable portions of the county’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In June, when the then treasury CS, Mr. Henry Rotich slapped alcoholic drinks with a five percent increase in excise duty, Kenyans remained undeterred.  And, in a country of established drinkers, beer has emerged as a clear favorite, where almost every citizen of legal age has a favorite brand.

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Despite what naysayers might say, Fuzzy booze has been found to boost bone health and to reduce the risk of kidney stones according to a study by the American Society of Nephrology.

Other similar studies also suggest that beer reduces the risk of cardiovascular conditions including heart attack and stroke. In Europe, some studies have gone as far as suggesting that people who drink beer for whatever reason, live longer. Just as good as a glass of milk.

Nonetheless, Kenyans must understand that drinking in moderation with proper diet and exercise is what is recommended.

And as the football season intensifies, more and more alcohol will find its way into people’s bellies, whether at home or in their favorite night clubs.

Kenyans are already used to this since alcohol has already been infused with most of their recreational routines. Virtually every occasion calls for a bottle of beer, whiskey or wine.

But even as the merriments endure, Kenya’s largest beer maker, the Kenya Breweries Limited is giving beer lovers yet another opportunity to celebrate Kenyan authenticity, by bringing to life Kenyan culture through beer, entertainment, food, and music.

The beer maker has organized a two-day festival dubbed ‘Tusker Oktobafest’ which will take place from the 5th to 6th October 2019 at Ngong Racecourse-Nairobi.

During Oktobafest, beer lovers will also have a chance to interact with their favorite local artists including Sauti Sol, Nyashinski and Kaligraph among others.

(Right) Kinya Kimotho, Finance Director EABL and (Left) Khaligraph Jones renowned Kenyan rapper pose for a photo during the launch of the Tusker Oktobafest 

“The festival is to celebrate our diverse and unapologetic culture with great food and music to give our consumers a one of a kind extraordinary experience. We hope our consumers will enjoy great beer from the KBL family.” Said, Ms. Kinya Kimotho, Finance Director at KBL

She was speaking during Oktobafest’s launch at Blue Door garden in Nairobi on 24th of September 2019.