Beer could be an embodiment of national symbolism

 Beer could be an embodiment of national symbolism

Festival goers lift glasses of beer at the Tusker Oktoberfest in Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi on October 5th 2019

On October 5th, the beer started flowing at Oktoberfest in Nairobi, a two-day festival organized by the brewers of Tusker – one of the country’s most adored beers – that has become EABL’s most thriving product in Kenya’s wobbly economy.

In the thousands, festival-goers flocked the venue ready to make merry, and to celebrate Kenyan authenticity, by bringing to life Kenyan culture through beer, entertainment, food, and music – by some of Kenya’s mega artists who included among others; Nyashinski, Kaligraph Jones and one of Benga’s most treasured unicorns, Samidoh.

Benga Musician Samidoh performs at the 2019 Tusker Oktoberfest at Ngong Racecourse Nairobi

Oktoberfest was a success, but most importantly; it was an official souvenir of the uniqueness of Tusker as a brand and a striking realization of how this beer has fostered a sense of national symbolism that Kenyans can identify with.

While it was a plan for this writer to maneuver around the venue, to get some insight into what was happening under the beer tents – It became a realization that this writer was not going to be alone in nursing a hangover, festival-goers downed record liters of the stuff.

Away from Oktoberfest, Kenyans have not shown any signs of falling out of love with beer, and EABL seems to always have their back. The brewer has created the most diverse beer markets in the country with various offerings that Kenyans have come to love and accept.

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But the thing is, Kenyans have over time acquired a taste for more exotic drinks. The brewer has adapted to this new change, launching new beverages in line with drinkers’ changing taste buds.

For instance, on 27nd of September, Guinness which trades under the umbrella of EABL launched Guinness Hop House 13, a new distinctive full-flavored double-hopped lager, bursting with zingy hoppiness balanced with a malty finish.

Despite a sin tax hike of fifteen percent in July by the then treasury boss Mr. Henry Rotich, EABL’s bottled beer business has continued to prosper, underpinned by flourishing sales of Tusker, Whitecup, and Guinness.


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