5G devices in Kenya hits 300,000

 5G devices in Kenya hits 300,000

Safaricom launches launch 5G experience centres at Village Market shop to enable Kenyans experience the super fast 5G speeds and see how 5G can transform homes and businesses.

Kenya’s 5G enabled devices have grown to 300,000 with Safaricom estimating the number of gadgets would double in a year providing an ample market for the super-fast internet network connectivity. 

Costly 5G mobile phones have slowed down Safaricom’s expansion of superfast fifth-generation network and sites.

The telco said it is tracking importation of the gadgets to set up 5G sites on locations with a concentration of 5G devices.  

The high cost of the devices ranging from Kes40,000 to Kes265,000 may mean the network will mostly cover middle class neighborhoods and wealthy areas.

Safaricom has partnered with Huawei, to launch three 5G experience Zones in Safaricom shops at the Village Market, The Hub Karen and in Buru Buru targeting agriculture, healthcare, gaming and content creation industries. 


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